Blog 14

My dream job would be a Community outreach manager either with a school district or a University, eventually working my way to the director. I would work closely with Director, Community Outreach to develop and execute a variety of community outreach, media and public relations programs to support the  plans marketing efforts for the business. I would also coordinate the participation of the community events, build partnerships, and guides the business to market the business’s population in an effort to increase membership. I would Support the business’s strategic plan for growth by focusing on retention and outreach efforts and assist Management in the development of Departmental policies and procedures while also ensuring that performance goals are met.


Blog 5

You look so nice.

Everyone sees you

But not everyone can have you

You may not shine as bright as the sun

But your shine brings so much fun

Your complexion is brown like a penny

Or maybe even tan like Winnie

Why must u look so good?

Everyone sees you.

But not everyone can fake you

You may have a ting of bling

And your shine looks good on a ring

You’re gold with a whole lot of sting.

Blog 4

Before Thursday, I had never been to the Fulton Mall in downtown Fresno. I had no idea what it looked like and had only heard other people’s opinions about it, which were not the most positive outlooks. My usual expectations of a mall are a place full of energy, an abundance of places to shop, and plenty of people. The Fulton Mall was the complete opposite. I figured that the Fulton mall would be a place where there were a lot of individually owned businesses that didn’t have many customers, but they were places that could have potential if they gained more customers and recognition from other local businesses and community members. Only having heard of one of the businesses, which was Kocky’s Bar and Grill, I imagined that working with the businesses would be a ton of fun, a little bit of hard work, and a great experience.

As I walked from the parking lot of the mall, my first thoughts of seeing the venue were that the outside looked really nice. The waterfall structure and mini park were the first things that caught my eye and I tried to come up with reasons in my head of why I hadn’t heard of this place before. First off, the place seemed very abandoned to be called a mall. There weren’t too many appealing places that made me want to shop or buy anything and I could tell that we had a lot of work ahead of us if the Downtown Fresno Partnership wanted to bring more attention to the place.

When we finally got to the part of meeting our clients, I got a little more excited and curious. The owner of Jalisco’s Jewelers was very welcoming and nice. As a well-established business with multiple locations, they already had a good amount of marketing strategies like Facebook, local flyers, and a website, so I wondered if they really needed our help with the extra marketing and exposure. Jalisco’s also had a large range of other services which included, bill paying services, money transfers, money orders, and even links and resources for travel services. My concern is that the business has too many different sales options and with all the services, it may be hard to just focus on marketing that it’s a jewelry store.

As I have had time to think about the project, I realize that our MCJ 158S class was chosen to work on this for a reason. It will actually give us real hands on experience to make something more of these businesses. I’m eager to see what kind of potential my partner and I really have to make these businesses really appreciate and benefit from our service. The thing that I am looking forward to the most is the ending outcome. Will our work actually make a difference of the community’s opinion about the venue? And will the Fulton mall and all its little businesses eventually be highly recognized in the city of Fresno. I know that it won’t happen in one semester, but eventually I would like to recommend others to go there for their yearly, monthly, or weekly shopping fixes.

Blog 3

50 things that make me happy

1. The thought of being a 21 year old African American college student who works and is very independent
2. Good grades
3. A clean home
4. A refrigerator full of food
5. Jamba Juice & Chipotle
6. Nice pay checks
7. Going to church
8. When my mom says that she is proud of me.
9. Hearing that my younger sister is doing well in school
10. The excitement in my twin brother’s voice when he’s excited about something
11. My boyfriend
12. Sleep
13. Showers and baths
14. Compliments
15. My cell phone
16. When my boyfriend cooks for me
17. Cooking something new that comes out really good
18. Supportive Teachers who care about my well-being
19. Spending quality time with my friends
20. Realizing learned life lessons after making mistakes
21. Getting my hair done
22. Manicures and pedicures
23. Shopping
24. Good movies
25. The accomplished feeling I get after working out
26. Seeing the results from my workouts
27. When my supervisor thinks I did a good job on a task
28. A good night’s sleep
29. My pandora music stations
30. Nice weather (between 66 and 79 degrees)
31. Meeting other successful African Americans
32. Buying items on sale
33. When my mom offers to pay for things
34. When I don’t have to pay to see a movie at the theatre
35. My boyfriend’s family
36. Cold water when it’s really hot
37. Hot chocolate when it’s really cold
38. Waking up from a great nap
39. Traveling to new places
40. The first day I visit my home away from Fresno
41. Coming back to my own apartment after being gone for a few days
42. Scholarship awards
43. My iPad
44. Puppies
45. Ice cream
46. The beach
47. Being in San Diego
48. Surprises
49. Events/ get togethers/ girls nights
50. Being loved

Blog 2

As a writer I have always been very good at recognizing grammar mistakes, distinguishing correct word use, and using correct punctuation. This strength has always allowed me to get my point across in a clear manner when completing a writing assignment.
I fall weak when I am asked to explain more detail about a topic that I feel I have clearly explained without adding a lot of unnecessary information. When assigned a more lengthy assignment that requires me to be specific about one thing gets difficult because I find myself going off topic sometimes, although I eventually get back to the main point of the paper. I love when I am able to get my papers read and returned with comments and constructive criticism of what could be better, but the problem comes when I am asked to extend or further explain or elaborate on something that I feel was already done. I would also like to start expanding my vocabulary. Words in my papers can get repetitive sometimes.
Some of the strategies I use to turn in my best work is to proofread multiple times and make changes as many times I see fit before allowing someone else to go over it. I would also really like to add going to the writing center more often to another strategy.
The ultimate goal for me as a writer this semester is to receive a compliment from one of my 3 writing teachers stating that I am actually a good writer. I find it hard to compare my work to my peers, so I am very unsure of where my current skills stand compared to my equals. So my plan to reach this goal is making sure that I
go those extra steps in getting my papers proofread by others, expanding my vocabulary, intaking as much constructive criticism as possible and using the writing center at Fresno State .

Blog 1

My name is Akyia Westley and I am a fourth year student at Fresno state majoring in Public Relations.
During this fall semester I will be taking 5 classes with a total of 15 units. Along with being a full time student, I also work on campus as an administrative assistant in one of the educational departments. While school and work consume most of my time, I am also making room in my schedule this semester to take on the role as Public Relations Coordinator of Black Students United, a nonprofit organization on the campus of Fresno State.
I have been involved with the organization since I entered college and I am overjoyed to have the position. Some of my goals with this opportunity are to implement lessons I have learned from my public relations classes. The biggest lesson I would like to carry out is to create a better brand for B.S.U. I want to accomplish this by reinforcing a beneficial vibe and energy within our community and organization, making sure that we reach out to members of our community by supporting them in their efforts, and setting a high standard for our members to abide by. Increasing membership and making sure our presence is known from a positive perspective around the Fresno State campus are other goals.
School, work, and being a board member of B.S.U. consume a lot of my time so I will have a million things to do each week. Thankfully, mankind created the iPad, along with icloud. Every meeting, assignment, and task that needs to be done is noted, organized and synced with other apple products I own such as my phone which I keep handy 24/7, So it is very helpful. Enough sleep, a balanced diet, and a few hours of personal time for myself a week also keep me sane.
I look forward to taking all my major classes and being involved on campus. This fall 2013 semester will be one of my busiest semesters yet, but I am very excited to see what’s in store.