magazine story

As the plane took off from the Illinois Airport, Michelle kept reminding herself that all the traveling and time away from her two young girls would be worth it in the end. For the sixth month in a row her husband had been setting up appointments with congress, speaking at various events,  and meeting with many supporters for his upcoming campaign. As a caring wife, Michelle knew that being by her husbands side meant the world to him.

Like any other public figure her family had been thrown into the negative rumor pot with absurd statements such as religion conspiracies, falsification of citizenship in the U.S., and even twisted statements coming from interviews that Michelle had done. As the trial and tribulations continually tried to overtake the family’s positive attitudes, they kept strong in prayer, good hopes, and strength from other family and supporters because they knew that even if the campaign wasn’t won, they had made an impact on the country that would never be forgotten.

As the campaign period was coming to the end, the race looked like it was in favor of Michelle’s husband. And that, it was. On Jan. 20th, 2009 Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. With her husband as President, Michelle also realized that as first lady she would become a role model for every girl and woman across the country. As a family, the Obamas had made the famous statement that “Nothing Is Impossible” a reality and an example to all Americans that if they work hard enough, all dreams can come true.


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