Blog 21: The Princess, The Golden Ball, and The Frog

One evening a yung princess went out to take a walk She was by herself It was in the woods She came to a small pond of water She sat on a big rock to rest a while. In her hands, she held a golden ball in her hand, and it was her favorite plaything and she was always tossing it up into the air and catching it.

At the pond of water she threw it up so high that she couldn’t catch it as it fell and the ball bounced away, and rolled on the ground and rolled down into the pond. The princess tried to search the pond for her ball but it was to deep so she could not see the bottom of it and she started to cry and said, “ If I could get my ball again I would give all my fine clothes and jewels, and everything that I have in the world.”

She lifted her sad head to the sight of a frog that perked it’s head out of the water, and said, “Princess, why do you speak with such sadness?”

“Because!” said her,”My gold ball fell into this stupid pond!”

The frog said, “ If you love me, and let me live with you and eat from off your royal plate, and sleep on your bed, I will bring you your ball again.”

The princess thought the frog was silly. She thought he can never even get out of the pond to visit her castle. She wanted her ball so she told the frog okay. Then the frog put his head down, and dived deep under the water. After a little while he came up again, with the ball in his mouth. He threw it on the edge of the spring.

The princess picked up the ball and left the frog never to keep her end of the agreement for the bargain.

The End.


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