Blog 20

Doing Service learning with downtown Fresno has definitely been a learning experience. It has taught me that although Public Relations is a fun major option, it’s not always the funnest or the easiest. The work my partner and I have done has been made up of very small, but important tasks. Getting the word out about an event or business can help make or break the outcome of success so I have been happy to help The Downtown Fresno Partnership attempt to strengthen their business community by promoting Jalisco’s Jewelers through social media and other Fulton Mall events.

I believe that service-learning should be a part of every college student’s curriculum at some point in time and service-learning is a great opportunity to help out the community,  while also possibly adding experience to our resumes. It has exposed me to potential business careers and long and short term connections. It has also become increasingly important for students like myself for post-college careers and jobs following graduation because it directly connects what I am leaning in the classroom to real-life situations. It also gives me the experience potential employers may look for.

Working with the Downtown Fresno Partnership has given me an inside look at what it takes to have a part in running a business or organization through the public relations aspect and I do feel as if I am contributing towards the success of the Downtown Fresno Partnership’s goals.


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