Blog 19

10 Things I Am Grateful For

1.       Fresno State and the he opportunity to receive a higher education: for providing an environment conductive to learning and growing.

2.       All 5 of my senses: for letting me experience all the great things in life

3.       Good health and no physical disabilities: to push myself to do anything I want

4.       My job: for giving me a source of living and for being a medium where I can add value to the world

5.       My car (whose name is sunshine): for making it easier to commute to one place to another

6.       A wardrobe: To ensure that I stay properly dressed for the seasons

7.       Disappointment and mistakes:  So I know the things that matter to me the most and helping me improve to become a better person

8.       Technology: For making impossible things possible

9.       A foundation: for having the right state of mind, common sense, and past experiences while reaching to achieve all of my goals in life

10.   Great conversations: whether it’s one that uplifts my spirits when I’m down, uplifting someone else’s spirits when they’re down, or networking to create better opportunities.


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