Blog 12

Write up 5 social media posts about your client that can be cut and pasted onto DFP’s social media. Create 3 for Twitter and 2 for Facebook.

Facebook: Dont forget to stop by Jalisco Jewelers this month to pick up your free share of Jalisco Dollars for your jewelry purchase!

Facebook: Thinking about purchasing some new bling? Jalisco Jewelers is the leading Jeweler in the central Valley. See what they have to offer today!

Twitter: Looking for the best deal on Jewelry? Jalisco Jewelers has some of the best financing options that may also build your credit1 Stop by today!

Twitter: True or False? Colored diamonds don’t exist. #JaliscoTrivia

Answer: True! There are red, yellow, blue and other colored diamonds that are very rare. They are called “Fancy Colors” making these diamonds even rarer and very valuable. Find out more about diamonds by visiting Jalisco Jewlers at the Fulton Mall!

Twitter: What are the 4 C’s of Jewlery? #JaliscoTrivia

Answer: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. Want to see these things in person? Let Jalisco Jewelers show you their large inventory of products that meet all these standards!


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