Blog 11

Blog about the best Halloween you ever had.

I haven’t necessarily had  a “best Halloween”, but I’ve definitely had a “worst Halloween.” I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in kindergarten, and the whole block had been decorated for the festivities that would go on that night. Of course I was too small to go out trick or treating and my grandmother wanted to stay home and hand out candy. So i helped her. The night was going just fine, and someone dressed in the scariest costume I’ve ever seen came to the door. It was a man dressed as a devil! His skin was as red as blood, his hair was as black as coal, and his demon voice was very haunting. I have never been more scared of anything in my life, and the thought of being in his presence again still scares me. I honestly believe I am scarred for life. He tried to reach for me and i screamed as loud as I could, and the worst thing about it was, my grandma thought it was hilarious. I’ve never felt the same about Halloween since. I don’t like scary movies, or the festivities that go along with it. Give me some candy, and a non-scarey movie on Halloween, and I will be just fine.


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