Blog 15

In order to become a Community Outreach Director, after obtaining my masters’ degree in public administration, I would need

  • At least 1 year of previous organizing or non-profit experience
  • Experience with social media and networking
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge of the theories and principles of the business, especially as they relate to issues of environmental justice and the impacts on minority and/or lower-income groups and communities
  • Ability to work independently, be organized and meet deadlines
  • Ability to speak clearly and confidently in front of large groups or with new contacts
  • Familiarity with applications such as Word, Excel, Photoshop, WordPress (experience with Vertical Response or similar email marketing services, and Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe (InDesign is a plus!)
  • Experience with social media and networking experience
  • Ability to represent the organization in a professional and reliable manner

Blog 14

My dream job would be a Community outreach manager either with a school district or a University, eventually working my way to the director. I would work closely with Director, Community Outreach to develop and execute a variety of community outreach, media and public relations programs to support the  plans marketing efforts for the business. I would also coordinate the participation of the community events, build partnerships, and guides the business to market the business’s population in an effort to increase membership. I would Support the business’s strategic plan for growth by focusing on retention and outreach efforts and assist Management in the development of Departmental policies and procedures while also ensuring that performance goals are met.

Blog 13

My name is Akyia Westley and I am a Fourth year student at Fresno State. I strongly believe that how you say something is much more justifiable than what you say. When I decide to indulge in an activity, professional or just for fun, it is important to always remind myself to observe every aspect of the situation and gain the best experience out of it. Negativity just holds you back or paralyzes you and frustration can easily be overcome so I always try to find a way forward. I believe the way forward is being kind to yourself and cheering yourself and others on. If I don’t love what I am doing or how things in life are going, it’s essential that I do something to change that because my happiness is influenced by what I choose to tolerate. 

Blog 12

Write up 5 social media posts about your client that can be cut and pasted onto DFP’s social media. Create 3 for Twitter and 2 for Facebook.

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Blog 11

Blog about the best Halloween you ever had.

I haven’t necessarily had  a “best Halloween”, but I’ve definitely had a “worst Halloween.” I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in kindergarten, and the whole block had been decorated for the festivities that would go on that night. Of course I was too small to go out trick or treating and my grandmother wanted to stay home and hand out candy. So i helped her. The night was going just fine, and someone dressed in the scariest costume I’ve ever seen came to the door. It was a man dressed as a devil! His skin was as red as blood, his hair was as black as coal, and his demon voice was very haunting. I have never been more scared of anything in my life, and the thought of being in his presence again still scares me. I honestly believe I am scarred for life. He tried to reach for me and i screamed as loud as I could, and the worst thing about it was, my grandma thought it was hilarious. I’ve never felt the same about Halloween since. I don’t like scary movies, or the festivities that go along with it. Give me some candy, and a non-scarey movie on Halloween, and I will be just fine.

Blog 10

My name is Akyia Westley, and one day I am going to be someone’s public relations consultant. I am determined, well-mannered, optimistic, and light-hearted. When I think about my brand, I know it will be something that I constantly tweak in order to adjust to the career I am involved with. I try to keep up a good representation of myself by maintaining good grades, staying involved with the community, and constantly making new connections with people. So I do hope that all I do represents a good brand for who I aspire to be.

Blog 9

Fall is my favorite time of the year!!!

It brings the best weather! Not too hot, not too cold, and plenty of windy breezes I’m my face.

I fall in love with the outdoors when I see all the trees changing colors, crunchy leaves under my feet, and early sunsets.

The clothes I get to wear are the cutest! The weather means I get to bring out my sweaters,boots, scarfs, and my favorite accessories; beanies!

Candles are one of the things in life that make me the happiest. Fall brings the best ones. Sandlewood, and Soothe, Falling Leaves, Fluffy Vanilla, and cranberry cider are a few of the 2013 seasonal scents, and they are all amazing.

The holidays that come along with the harvest season bring me the best memories. The scary Halloween season that comes with pumpkin patches, haunted houses, carving lanterns, and mini candies for days excite me. Thanksgivings spent with family and good food such as pumpkin lattes, deep fried turkey, stuffing, hot apple cider, and baked macaroni and cheese all cause a little weight gain, but I don’t care!

I love fall! I love fall! I love fall!!!