Blog 8

Top 5 Favorite Things About PR

– The opportunities: the public relations field has so many different job related opportunities. Every business needs some type of representation, whether it’s a restaurant, or one of the top company’s in the world. There are so many different field you can get into, you’ll never get bored. The people you meet vary in many different ways. Some are famous, and some may be community leaders, but you’ll never be around the same people.

-The Excitement: I had never been so excited about going to class until I took MCJ152s. Everything I learned made so much since. What to do in crisis situations, social media presence, and building your brand lectures all kept me very intrigued.

-The Potential Impact: I feel like there is nothing more rewarding than helping an organization overcome their business challenges. I’ve always like to help others, and to know that you are the reason your client or company exceeded its goals would be incredibly gratifying and it would make me love my job that much more.

-The Continuous Learning: I believe that in the field of public relations, you never stop learning. Social media is a big part of the PR world, and because it is consistently changing, I never know everything there is to know. This also means that throughout my career, I will always be changing the way I work with clients, which will allow me to have new experiences all the time.

-I also love the writing aspect. I believe I can have a creative way with words most of the time. I love connecting with people, promotions, media lists and video production. It’s a demanding job, but it involves so much knowledge that you gain along the way.

Before I graduate, I would like to learn more about the pros and cons of the profession. I like that I see so many things highlighted about the PR profession, but I wouldn’t want to walk in blinded by all of the ‘not so fun’ aspects of the profession. I’m sure that more hands on experience will teach me this lesson so I am eager to continue the journey to learning how to make the best of my career.


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