Blog 7

I don’t love football, but I don’t hate it either. It’s one of those sports where I will faintly watch it if someone else in the room has it on the television. I can watch football, and accomplish multiple assignments because I don’t care to watch any other parts besides the seconds before a touch down. Most people go insane for the touchdowns, but I just sit there and quietly celebrate with a small yay. Because I live by myself, you will never catch a football game on my television.

I definitely have a different perspective of the game when it’s in person. I don’t fully understand what goes on in the game, but it’s such a different vibe being in a stadium filled with raging fans, and the presence of the players. I’ve never been to an NFL game, but I’m hoping my significant other and I will be able to go to one in the near future. And I don’t have a favorite team because I refuse to be called a “bandwagoner,” so I choose to stay neutral.

I love going to the Fresno State games. When applying to schools, I refused to go to a school without a football team. I’m all about showing school spirit and I believe that football games are one of the best ways to display it. The vibe and excitement that goes on during game days makes me feel like I am living the ultimate college experience.

So if you ask me do I like football, I would say it depends on if I’m physically there or just watching it on television.


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