Blog 6

Social media definitely takes up a great amount of my time on a daily basis. With more than 3 different social media apps just on my cellphone, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, I find masked constantly checking them for updates whenever I have a moment of free time.

I can’t say there are any social media websites I don’t like. There are plenty of apps out there that I don’t care to learn about or use. A few include Kik, Snapchat, Path, And Wanello. Apps such as these don’t appeal to me as much, because the components they’re made up of and their uses are already within the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter apps I already have. I wouldn’t take the steps to download them and use up storage space that can be used for more productive apps.

My favorite social media app that I just can’t seem to stay off is Instagram. I feel like it has all the components of the other apps I use combined into one. I can have conversations, look at pictures, search for ideas for just about anything ranging from fall outfits, to new cooking recipes. It’s simple, doesn’t require too much navigation, or knowledge, and I can know a ton about my friends’ or even a stranger’s life just from their pictures and short captions.

Only time will tell, but I would like to know what social medias affect will be on human interaction in the future. I know that my relationship has definitely changed with my peers over time as I have become more engaged in social media. I see that more businesses, big and small, are starting to practice social media methods to obtain more customers, so I wonder how much technology will influence the consumer world.

In general, I am always trying to figure out more ways to build my professional and social brand for social media. Learning new ways to always find out the latest news, trends, and other topics would also be good for me to learn as it relates to the public relations career I would like to go into. There are a lot more things for all of us to learn in the coming years, and I am sure that we will all be constantly learning new things as it pertains to social media.


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