Blog 3

50 things that make me happy

1. The thought of being a 21 year old African American college student who works and is very independent
2. Good grades
3. A clean home
4. A refrigerator full of food
5. Jamba Juice & Chipotle
6. Nice pay checks
7. Going to church
8. When my mom says that she is proud of me.
9. Hearing that my younger sister is doing well in school
10. The excitement in my twin brother’s voice when he’s excited about something
11. My boyfriend
12. Sleep
13. Showers and baths
14. Compliments
15. My cell phone
16. When my boyfriend cooks for me
17. Cooking something new that comes out really good
18. Supportive Teachers who care about my well-being
19. Spending quality time with my friends
20. Realizing learned life lessons after making mistakes
21. Getting my hair done
22. Manicures and pedicures
23. Shopping
24. Good movies
25. The accomplished feeling I get after working out
26. Seeing the results from my workouts
27. When my supervisor thinks I did a good job on a task
28. A good night’s sleep
29. My pandora music stations
30. Nice weather (between 66 and 79 degrees)
31. Meeting other successful African Americans
32. Buying items on sale
33. When my mom offers to pay for things
34. When I don’t have to pay to see a movie at the theatre
35. My boyfriend’s family
36. Cold water when it’s really hot
37. Hot chocolate when it’s really cold
38. Waking up from a great nap
39. Traveling to new places
40. The first day I visit my home away from Fresno
41. Coming back to my own apartment after being gone for a few days
42. Scholarship awards
43. My iPad
44. Puppies
45. Ice cream
46. The beach
47. Being in San Diego
48. Surprises
49. Events/ get togethers/ girls nights
50. Being loved


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