Blog 2

As a writer I have always been very good at recognizing grammar mistakes, distinguishing correct word use, and using correct punctuation. This strength has always allowed me to get my point across in a clear manner when completing a writing assignment.
I fall weak when I am asked to explain more detail about a topic that I feel I have clearly explained without adding a lot of unnecessary information. When assigned a more lengthy assignment that requires me to be specific about one thing gets difficult because I find myself going off topic sometimes, although I eventually get back to the main point of the paper. I love when I am able to get my papers read and returned with comments and constructive criticism of what could be better, but the problem comes when I am asked to extend or further explain or elaborate on something that I feel was already done. I would also like to start expanding my vocabulary. Words in my papers can get repetitive sometimes.
Some of the strategies I use to turn in my best work is to proofread multiple times and make changes as many times I see fit before allowing someone else to go over it. I would also really like to add going to the writing center more often to another strategy.
The ultimate goal for me as a writer this semester is to receive a compliment from one of my 3 writing teachers stating that I am actually a good writer. I find it hard to compare my work to my peers, so I am very unsure of where my current skills stand compared to my equals. So my plan to reach this goal is making sure that I
go those extra steps in getting my papers proofread by others, expanding my vocabulary, intaking as much constructive criticism as possible and using the writing center at Fresno State .


Blog 1

My name is Akyia Westley and I am a fourth year student at Fresno state majoring in Public Relations.
During this fall semester I will be taking 5 classes with a total of 15 units. Along with being a full time student, I also work on campus as an administrative assistant in one of the educational departments. While school and work consume most of my time, I am also making room in my schedule this semester to take on the role as Public Relations Coordinator of Black Students United, a nonprofit organization on the campus of Fresno State.
I have been involved with the organization since I entered college and I am overjoyed to have the position. Some of my goals with this opportunity are to implement lessons I have learned from my public relations classes. The biggest lesson I would like to carry out is to create a better brand for B.S.U. I want to accomplish this by reinforcing a beneficial vibe and energy within our community and organization, making sure that we reach out to members of our community by supporting them in their efforts, and setting a high standard for our members to abide by. Increasing membership and making sure our presence is known from a positive perspective around the Fresno State campus are other goals.
School, work, and being a board member of B.S.U. consume a lot of my time so I will have a million things to do each week. Thankfully, mankind created the iPad, along with icloud. Every meeting, assignment, and task that needs to be done is noted, organized and synced with other apple products I own such as my phone which I keep handy 24/7, So it is very helpful. Enough sleep, a balanced diet, and a few hours of personal time for myself a week also keep me sane.
I look forward to taking all my major classes and being involved on campus. This fall 2013 semester will be one of my busiest semesters yet, but I am very excited to see what’s in store.