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As I went through my blogs, I noticed that I began to write with more descriptive words, less grammatical errors and an improved organized writing style. The blogs have helped me be able to write using my creativeness and imagination so i do feel like it has made me become a better writer than what I thought I had been before.


magazine story

As the plane took off from the Illinois Airport, Michelle kept reminding herself that all the traveling and time away from her two young girls would be worth it in the end. For the sixth month in a row her husband had been setting up appointments with congress, speaking at various events,  and meeting with many supporters for his upcoming campaign. As a caring wife, Michelle knew that being by her husbands side meant the world to him.

Like any other public figure her family had been thrown into the negative rumor pot with absurd statements such as religion conspiracies, falsification of citizenship in the U.S., and even twisted statements coming from interviews that Michelle had done. As the trial and tribulations continually tried to overtake the family’s positive attitudes, they kept strong in prayer, good hopes, and strength from other family and supporters because they knew that even if the campaign wasn’t won, they had made an impact on the country that would never be forgotten.

As the campaign period was coming to the end, the race looked like it was in favor of Michelle’s husband. And that, it was. On Jan. 20th, 2009 Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. With her husband as President, Michelle also realized that as first lady she would become a role model for every girl and woman across the country. As a family, the Obamas had made the famous statement that “Nothing Is Impossible” a reality and an example to all Americans that if they work hard enough, all dreams can come true.

Blog 23: The Twist Out: For Naturally Kinky, Curly, or Coily Hair

Step 1: Divide your hair into two sections. Starting from the hairline, part the hair all the way down the middle until you reach the nape of the neck.

Step 2: Co-wash hair with a deep condition, washing one side at a time. You want to make sure to massage the scalp as you cleanse your hair.

Step 3: After you have washed, completely rinse your hair. As you rinse the conditioner, grab one side of hair and begin to detangle with your fingers.( The force of the water stream mixed with the deep conditioner should make detangling easier on your roots)

Step 3: Allow the hair to dry for about 15 – 30 minutes. Use a paper towel or a microfiber towel from a beauty supply store to blot the excess moisture.

Step 4: Apply a leave-in cream ( like Neutrogena Silk Touch Leave-In Cream)

Step 4: Now for the twisting. Start with one half of your hair and grab a section to begin. These sections do not need to be parted perfectly!

Step 5: With hair in hand, spread this strand into two and repeatedly bring one strand over the other until you reach the very end of your hair.

          As you move from section to section, you should apply a type of seal to each strand so that the hair retains its moisture. Shea butter or coconut oil works as a great seal for our hair.

 Continue until you have a budding mane of about 6 – 10 twistees total

Step 6: Make sure the ends are secured with a little extra shea butter so that they won’t unravel while you sleep. Allow the hair to set overnight.

          For nighttime care, you will need a satin bonnet scarf to protect the hair while you get some much needed beauty rest. You can pick one up at the nearest Sally’s Beauty Supply store.

Step 7: Wake up and get ready !

          Before you start loosening the twists, whip out the shea butter or any other hair-friendly oil product. Apply the oil to each twist as you unravel. The oil will moisturize your hair for the day, plus it adds a little extra shine.

NOTE: No twist out is ever the same. So you may have some great days, and some not so great days. As a naturalist you have to be willing to go with the flow and embrace however you hair decides to cooperate on that day


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Blog 22: “Golden Pencil Award” Acceptance Speech

I am honored and very appreciative that I have been chosen to receive this award. Through all of the setbacks, trials, and over coming of tribulations that my career has brought me through, I knew that my passion for the goodness of the Canadian Food Industry would make a difference in some way, I just didn’t know exactly how( small chuckle) . I would like to thank all of those who kept me encouraged on the way including my mom, my siblings, my boyfriend, and all of the wonderful mentors I was able to count on throughout life. I will try my best to continue to make a positive impact on this great industry as long as I am alive and well. Thank you so much!

Blog 21: The Princess, The Golden Ball, and The Frog

One evening a yung princess went out to take a walk She was by herself It was in the woods She came to a small pond of water She sat on a big rock to rest a while. In her hands, she held a golden ball in her hand, and it was her favorite plaything and she was always tossing it up into the air and catching it.

At the pond of water she threw it up so high that she couldn’t catch it as it fell and the ball bounced away, and rolled on the ground and rolled down into the pond. The princess tried to search the pond for her ball but it was to deep so she could not see the bottom of it and she started to cry and said, “ If I could get my ball again I would give all my fine clothes and jewels, and everything that I have in the world.”

She lifted her sad head to the sight of a frog that perked it’s head out of the water, and said, “Princess, why do you speak with such sadness?”

“Because!” said her,”My gold ball fell into this stupid pond!”

The frog said, “ If you love me, and let me live with you and eat from off your royal plate, and sleep on your bed, I will bring you your ball again.”

The princess thought the frog was silly. She thought he can never even get out of the pond to visit her castle. She wanted her ball so she told the frog okay. Then the frog put his head down, and dived deep under the water. After a little while he came up again, with the ball in his mouth. He threw it on the edge of the spring.

The princess picked up the ball and left the frog never to keep her end of the agreement for the bargain.

The End.

Blog 20

Doing Service learning with downtown Fresno has definitely been a learning experience. It has taught me that although Public Relations is a fun major option, it’s not always the funnest or the easiest. The work my partner and I have done has been made up of very small, but important tasks. Getting the word out about an event or business can help make or break the outcome of success so I have been happy to help The Downtown Fresno Partnership attempt to strengthen their business community by promoting Jalisco’s Jewelers through social media and other Fulton Mall events.

I believe that service-learning should be a part of every college student’s curriculum at some point in time and service-learning is a great opportunity to help out the community,  while also possibly adding experience to our resumes. It has exposed me to potential business careers and long and short term connections. It has also become increasingly important for students like myself for post-college careers and jobs following graduation because it directly connects what I am leaning in the classroom to real-life situations. It also gives me the experience potential employers may look for.

Working with the Downtown Fresno Partnership has given me an inside look at what it takes to have a part in running a business or organization through the public relations aspect and I do feel as if I am contributing towards the success of the Downtown Fresno Partnership’s goals.

Blog 19

10 Things I Am Grateful For

1.       Fresno State and the he opportunity to receive a higher education: for providing an environment conductive to learning and growing.

2.       All 5 of my senses: for letting me experience all the great things in life

3.       Good health and no physical disabilities: to push myself to do anything I want

4.       My job: for giving me a source of living and for being a medium where I can add value to the world

5.       My car (whose name is sunshine): for making it easier to commute to one place to another

6.       A wardrobe: To ensure that I stay properly dressed for the seasons

7.       Disappointment and mistakes:  So I know the things that matter to me the most and helping me improve to become a better person

8.       Technology: For making impossible things possible

9.       A foundation: for having the right state of mind, common sense, and past experiences while reaching to achieve all of my goals in life

10.   Great conversations: whether it’s one that uplifts my spirits when I’m down, uplifting someone else’s spirits when they’re down, or networking to create better opportunities.

Blog 18

My name is Akyia Westley, and my ultimate goal is to have a career in public service. I am determined, well-mannered, optimistic, and light-hearted.

When I think about my brand, I know it will be something that I constantly tweak in order to adjust to the career I am involved with. I try to keep up a good representation of myself by maintaining good grades, staying involved with the community, and constantly making new connections with people. I like to go after what I want no matter how challenging the task may be so I do hope that all I do represents a good brand for who I aspire to be.


Blog 17

If only I knew what my heart could do
I never would have fallen for you
Whenever I feel down or blue
You pick me up, and make me brand new

As it gets harder to deny my mind
I remember there’s more to find
With you I stay on my grind
And I know you’ll never leave me behind

You fit into my life like a perfect glove
And give me something to be proud of
Like the wonderful meaning of two doves
I realize that this is truly love

Blog 16

My schedule is jam packed on most days and given an extra 2 hours out of my day, I make sure I take full advantage of the time. This past Tuesday, I got a chance to stay after class and discuss my profile project for MCJ102w where I am doing a WordPress blog on my partner’s life.

For the past month I’ve also been working on a summer internship application for the PPIA Fellowship Program whichis an intensive seven-week summer program that focuses on preparing students for graduate programs in public and international affairs and careers as policy professionals, public administrators and other leadership roles in public service. I finished my application yesterday with the extra time I had! It will be at UC Berkeley over the summer and I am crossing my fingers that I will get accepted. Until I get an acceptance notification, I will be a nervous wreck!

Along with my classes, my duties as the PR coordinator for Black Students United keep me busy with making deadlines. When I am given the gift of extra time, I able to meet with people I usually don’t have time to see, like my mentors classmates, and teachers. And I can also get my assignments and projects started or finished which gives me a great feeling of accomplishment and motivation!